Thursday, July 5, 2012

Joe Mauer: Football star

If only all of us were so lucky that we had two successful pro careers lined up and ready to go!  Joe Mauer has lived that experience.  His athletic prowess in baseball and football led to what must have been a difficult decision: should he head to the MLB draft out of high school or should be go play college football?

As a junior, Joe Mauer was the Cretin Derham Hall starter.  He continued again as a senior and by the end this two year stint, he had tallied 73 touchdowns with a senior year 62% completion total.

National outlets soon took notice.  In 2000, Joe Mauer made it into Sport Illustrated as a quarterback for the Cretin Derham Hall football team.  He was named as the 2001 Gatorade National Player of the Year in both football and baseball!  He was also an All-American according to Reebok and ESPN.

Florida State University soon came knocking.  They offered a scholarship for Joe Mauer to come play college football, but we know what happened next.  Joe Mauer instead entered the MLB draft and was 2001 draft number one pick who went straight for the Minnesota Twins.  Everything worked out beautifully for Joe Mauer and I for one am glad that he picked his hometown team instead of a college football team from Florida.  Someday he can go back and earn that college diploma, but for now he's right where he should be: the Minnesota Twins baseball team.

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