Monday, July 2, 2012

Video Games and Joe Mauer

I have never been much for video games apart from Duck Hunt, but so many guys I know are obsessed.  The headsets, the online chats, the hours of zombie like's crazy.

Joe Mauer is of that same gamer generation, but he was able to take it a step farther with an appearance in some computer/video games.  The MLB 10 and 11 games for PlayStation featured Joe Mauer on both covers, a huge honor for any baseball player!

The game itself worked its way into popular culture when Minnesota Twins announcer Dick Bremer used the official game tagline and said, "Well played, Mauer."  Is Dick Bremer a closet video gamer?!

Joe Mauer's athletic catch of a foul ball even made the MLB 11 video game introduction was it shows clips of Joe Mauer in all his best plays.

Back in 2009, Joe Mauer was an option of MLB players in the Backyard Baseball game, so that marks three years of video game appearances.  These will certainly be amazing memorabilia for Joe Mauer to show his future children someday when video games are archaic and virtual reality is the new thing!

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