Monday, April 30, 2012

Joe Mauer's Modeling Career

Minnesota Twins uniforms may be what Joe Mauer is most comfortable wearing, but he did see a stint as a model for Perry Ellis back in 2005-2006.

Joe Mauer's got a wide stance going on here.
According to online information, Perry Ellis International is a sportswear and casual clothing company that encompasses numerous sub-brands including SAVANE, Nike Swim, and Perry Ellis among others.  Joe Mauer's ads show him reclining in a hammock, smiling broadly at the camera, or, like the image above, looking straight on at the camera while wearing Perry Ellis clothing.  

I wouldn't say the ads are Joe Mauer's most flattering pictures, but he does seem to encompass the good-looking, All-American, sport-loving dude the brand targets.  Joe Mauer hasn't modeled much since, perhaps at the advice of his marketing representation team, but maybe he'll get back into it someday.  Modeling, acting, baseball...what can't Joe Mauer do?!

Friday, April 27, 2012

Joe Mauer's Parents

From everything I've seen, Joe Mauer's family could not be more down to earth and friendly.  Jake and Theresa Mauer, Joe Mauer's parents, are your typical Minnesota folks--the kind you'd see at the Little League field, hollering at their kids to go wash up and get dinner, or enjoying a day up at the cabin.  

My favorite online peek into Joe Mauer's family is this Kare 11 clip from last year, featuring Joe Mauer's parents grilling up some homemade brats.  The pride these parents have in all their kids is so apparent.  Jake and Theresa Mauer sport fleece jackets to advertise son Billy Mauer's car dealership.  They proudly show off a pictures of their three sons as young kids.  They excitedly talk about the money raised for charity through various partnerships and volunteer efforts.  And throughout the clip, they laugh easily and banter with the host.

It's no wonder Minnesota Twins catcher Joe Mauer is as nice and grounded as he is....Jake and Theresa are the best example of salt of the Earth people who together raised a great group of boys.

Thursday, April 26, 2012

Tweeting with Joe Mauer

Are you on the Twitter bandwagon?  Friends, I am not.  As much as I enjoy laughing at the tweets of certain celebrities (cough, cough, Kim Kardashian) or politicians (looking at you, Sarah Palin), I can't quite rally myself to open an account.  Maybe someday.  

In the meantime, I occupy my online Twitter cravings by reading Joe Mauer News.  It's admittedly bland, but this is balanced with informative content.  I like when a few pictures pop up now and then.  I'm not sure who writes it, but it clearly doesn't indicate Joe Mauer himself is the author.  I read a recent online article about the influx of fake Twitter accounts for local professional athletes.  The article gets to the bottom of verifying actual Twitter accounts, so if you'd like to follow the real Minnesota Twins Joe Nathan for yourself, the link is provided right there.  
"I prefer expressing my thoughts by putting ink to paper."
I'm still hoping Joe Mauer decided to open a legit Twitter account with his Minnesota Twins pre-game musings or game day pep talks.  Hey, it could happen!  

Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Joe Mauer: Not the spring chicken anymore

Is it just me or does anyone else feel like an octogenarian when they read through the birthdates on the Minnesota Twins baseball roster?  Oh my gosh.  I haven't left my 20s yet and even I feel a little weird that some of these Minnesota Twins baseball players could be kids I babysat in high school or picked on in elementary school.  I used to think Joe Mauer was so young, too, but let's face it: the guy is pushing 30!

Here are a few other Minnesota Twins baseball players with alarmingly young ages:

Alex Burnett (1987)
Trevor Plouffe (1986)
Liam Hendriks (1989)
Tyler Robertson (1987)

Oh, well.  Someday I'll be cackling from the upper deck of Target Field while the Minnesota Twins compete in what will hopefully still be America's favorite past-time (though by those days, it could very well be video games or virtual baseball!).  Replace that bun with a Minnesota Twins baseball hat, and you've got me pegged 6 decades from now. 
Clearly didn't think that was a strike.  Boo, hiss, you ump, you!

Thursday, April 19, 2012

Happy birthday, Joe Mauer!

Serve up some birthday cake and ice cream because Minnesota Twins catcher, Joe Mauer, is turning TWENTY-NINE years old today!  Feliz cumpleanos, Joe Mauer!  (I'd add the squiggly line above the "n" to make that message even more bilingually special, but I have no idea how to do it and lack the interest in looking it up.)

Do you think a 29 year old Minnesota Twins baseball player ever gets anything other than a baseball themed cake every freaking year?  Probably not.  So, here's some of the good stuff--a look at a few baseball birthday cakes.


Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Joe Mauer's Brothers

So many of my friends come from families of three kids, though I've noticed that many times all three are girls.  I suppose it makes for good use of clothes and toys as they are passed through the different kids.  Maybe it was the same way in Joe Mauer's family.  He is also one of three and in this case, all are boys.  Three baseball playing Mauer brothers?  Yes, indeed.  

Billy Mauer and Joe Mauer--baseball loving brothers.
You would think that sibling rivalry would be extreme in a family of three boys who all share a passion for baseball.  But after a little online digging, I came across an interesting article from WCCO that focused on that exact topic.  Check it out here.  It seems the trick in Joe Mauer's family was to treat each boy as individuals rather than all exactly the same.  Good idea, right?

As far as sibling rivalry, it probably helps that Billy Mauer and Jake Mauer, Joe Mauer's brothers, were three and four years old by the time Joe Mauer was born.  The few years of separation might help lessen any tensions since the boys were likely in different leagues growing up.  From all appearances, Joe Mauer and his brothers seem very close.  I bet many Mauer family gatherings include a game of catch or homerun derby.  You can never be too old for those traditions!

Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Joe Mauer at Cretin-Derham Hall

As a native Minnesotan, I enjoy supporting athletes who were born and raised in this great state of 10,000 lakes.  Joe Mauer is definitely a stand-out in his own right, and would probably have been just as admired by our Minnesota Twins fans even if he was from some other (less cool) state like, say, Utah.  Or Georgia.  Or Arkansas.

But since he is from Minnesota, I think our Minnesota Twins supporters appreciate his skills even more, and some of you out there have been following Joe Mauer since his early days at Cretin-Derham Hall where he competed in football, basketball, and fencing.  Juuuuust kidding, Joe Mauer fans!  We know the third sport was baseball....though it would be awesome if we had a picture of him in a white fencing suit to insert {here} just for this moment in time.

Here is Joe Mauer back in his high school glory:
All American kid.

Now Cretin-Derham Hall is a solid school with a good reputation.  Not to start any Twin Cities private school rivalries, but we all know it's no Saint Paul Academy or Mounds Park Academy.  But, hey, it works.  And Joe Mauer clearly had an accomplished athletic career and personal life (he is engaged to a fellow CDH alum--a post will be forthcoming on that development!).  Not sure how his academics went, but clearly that takes a backseat when your eyes are on the Minnesota Twins prize.

So there you have it: Joe Mauer, Cretin-Derham Hall's most famous alum!

Monday, April 9, 2012

Joe Mauer Sideburns for Spring?

Are you a Joe Mauer sideburn lover or hater?  I know, I know.  You've been WAITING for this question ever since this little old blog got started.  We'll here it is, and I urge you to take a stand.

My personal journey on the path to Joe Mauer sideburn loving began when he hit the major leagues and everyone took notice of the facial hair look.  My theory is that young guys think it is way cool to finally be able to grow the stuff, and they take full advantage of this opportunity to inform the world, "I am a MAN!  Hear me roar!"

I thought it was hilarious when the Minnesota Twins hosted "Joe Mauer Sideburns Night" back in August 2006.  In fact, I was AT that game!  I wish I had a picture of my brother and I in our matching Joe Mauer sideburns, but alas the picture was saved only to my phone...the same phone that took a jump into a western Minnesota lake two months later and was never recovered (RIP Motorola L6).

Looks natural.
So, clearly, I am a Joe Mauer sideburns lover.  Surprised?  Probably not.  They're tasteful and well groomed, in my humble opinion.  But, I'd like to hear from you, Minnesota Twins fans and Joe Mauer on a Mission blog lurkers!

Joe Mauer's sideburns: Yay or Nay?

Friday, April 6, 2012

Joe Mauer's Horoscope

So many of my family and friends have April birthdays--a grandpa, brother, uncle, and two best friends.  That puts them all in good company: Joe Mauer's birthday is coming up on April 19th!  

All these birthdays got me thinking about horoscopes to see if my April pals have any attributes in common.  A little online research dug up some traits of April born people, otherwise known as Aries. 
Let's see if this list of characteristics checks out for Joe Mauer and other April peeps.

-  Friendly and extroverted  (Joe Mauer is surely friendly, but I don't know if he's a super big extrovert.  What do you think?  As comparison, my two best friends are definitely friendly and extroverted.  Not a shy gene in their DNA!)

-  Competitive  (absolutely for Joe Mauer!  True also for my uncle Bud who once pushed a toddler out of the way to score a touchdown at a fall family flag football gathering)

-  Impatient (perhaps true for Joe Mauer?  He seemed irritated with the press commenting on his multiple injuries last season and maybe he was impatient himself to get back to the field. On the other hand, we have my grandpa who is probably the calmest, most patient man alive.  Sitting in a deer stand over the course of decades of unsuccessful openers will probably do that to ya.)

We'll conclude with a personal horoscope predictor for Joe Mauer, the most famous Minnesota Twins Aries ram: We envision a year ahead filled with lots of games, no injuries, and much success.  Go, Minnesota Twins!

Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Inspired by Joe Mauer

Hello, blog world!  I'm new  here and wanted to get all set up as our favorite MLB team, the Minnesota Twins, begins another season this spring.

Full confession: I am not a Minnesota Twins expert.  Baseball is just something I enjoy without messing around in too many of the stats and details.  I'll leave those for ESPN!  My love for the Minnesota Twins extends all the way to my favorite player (and probably yours, too): Joe Mauer!  I hope to fill this little corner of cyberspace with thoughts and fun trivia about Joe Mauer and the Minnesota Twins.  Hope you join me on this blogging adventure!

Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Joe Mauer on a Mission

Minnesota Twins Catcher Joe Mauer is on a mission...a mission to prove he is something special. Follow my blog for all things Joe Mauer...on and off the field.