Sunday, July 8, 2012

Minnesota Twins versus Texas Rangers

Today marks the third game between the Minnesota Twins and Texas Rangers.  If you're like me, this means that you're ready for new knowledge about the opposing team.  To keep today's game fresh, here are a few fun facts about the Texas Rangers that will help enrich your game watching experience!

*  The Texas Rangers baseball team was established in 1961 and have based in Arlington since 1972.

*  Their stadium, the Rangers Ballpark in Arlington (real creative name...) seats 48,194.

*  The Texas Rangers' CEO and President is Nolan Ryan.

*  The Texas Rangers are frequently known as "The Blue Crew."

*  George W. Bush was part owner of the team from 1989-1994 and is still a huge fan to this day.  In fact, his love of baseball is featured in the movie W which takes a look at his adult years, struggles, and triumphs.

These games may be away, but there are plenty of home games up ahead by the end of this week!  Get tickets today!

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