Friday, April 27, 2012

Joe Mauer's Parents

From everything I've seen, Joe Mauer's family could not be more down to earth and friendly.  Jake and Theresa Mauer, Joe Mauer's parents, are your typical Minnesota folks--the kind you'd see at the Little League field, hollering at their kids to go wash up and get dinner, or enjoying a day up at the cabin.  

My favorite online peek into Joe Mauer's family is this Kare 11 clip from last year, featuring Joe Mauer's parents grilling up some homemade brats.  The pride these parents have in all their kids is so apparent.  Jake and Theresa Mauer sport fleece jackets to advertise son Billy Mauer's car dealership.  They proudly show off a pictures of their three sons as young kids.  They excitedly talk about the money raised for charity through various partnerships and volunteer efforts.  And throughout the clip, they laugh easily and banter with the host.

It's no wonder Minnesota Twins catcher Joe Mauer is as nice and grounded as he is....Jake and Theresa are the best example of salt of the Earth people who together raised a great group of boys.

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