Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Joe Mauer's Brothers

So many of my friends come from families of three kids, though I've noticed that many times all three are girls.  I suppose it makes for good use of clothes and toys as they are passed through the different kids.  Maybe it was the same way in Joe Mauer's family.  He is also one of three and in this case, all are boys.  Three baseball playing Mauer brothers?  Yes, indeed.  

Billy Mauer and Joe Mauer--baseball loving brothers.
You would think that sibling rivalry would be extreme in a family of three boys who all share a passion for baseball.  But after a little online digging, I came across an interesting article from WCCO that focused on that exact topic.  Check it out here.  It seems the trick in Joe Mauer's family was to treat each boy as individuals rather than all exactly the same.  Good idea, right?

As far as sibling rivalry, it probably helps that Billy Mauer and Jake Mauer, Joe Mauer's brothers, were three and four years old by the time Joe Mauer was born.  The few years of separation might help lessen any tensions since the boys were likely in different leagues growing up.  From all appearances, Joe Mauer and his brothers seem very close.  I bet many Mauer family gatherings include a game of catch or homerun derby.  You can never be too old for those traditions!

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