Thursday, April 26, 2012

Tweeting with Joe Mauer

Are you on the Twitter bandwagon?  Friends, I am not.  As much as I enjoy laughing at the tweets of certain celebrities (cough, cough, Kim Kardashian) or politicians (looking at you, Sarah Palin), I can't quite rally myself to open an account.  Maybe someday.  

In the meantime, I occupy my online Twitter cravings by reading Joe Mauer News.  It's admittedly bland, but this is balanced with informative content.  I like when a few pictures pop up now and then.  I'm not sure who writes it, but it clearly doesn't indicate Joe Mauer himself is the author.  I read a recent online article about the influx of fake Twitter accounts for local professional athletes.  The article gets to the bottom of verifying actual Twitter accounts, so if you'd like to follow the real Minnesota Twins Joe Nathan for yourself, the link is provided right there.  
"I prefer expressing my thoughts by putting ink to paper."
I'm still hoping Joe Mauer decided to open a legit Twitter account with his Minnesota Twins pre-game musings or game day pep talks.  Hey, it could happen!  

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