Friday, April 6, 2012

Joe Mauer's Horoscope

So many of my family and friends have April birthdays--a grandpa, brother, uncle, and two best friends.  That puts them all in good company: Joe Mauer's birthday is coming up on April 19th!  

All these birthdays got me thinking about horoscopes to see if my April pals have any attributes in common.  A little online research dug up some traits of April born people, otherwise known as Aries. 
Let's see if this list of characteristics checks out for Joe Mauer and other April peeps.

-  Friendly and extroverted  (Joe Mauer is surely friendly, but I don't know if he's a super big extrovert.  What do you think?  As comparison, my two best friends are definitely friendly and extroverted.  Not a shy gene in their DNA!)

-  Competitive  (absolutely for Joe Mauer!  True also for my uncle Bud who once pushed a toddler out of the way to score a touchdown at a fall family flag football gathering)

-  Impatient (perhaps true for Joe Mauer?  He seemed irritated with the press commenting on his multiple injuries last season and maybe he was impatient himself to get back to the field. On the other hand, we have my grandpa who is probably the calmest, most patient man alive.  Sitting in a deer stand over the course of decades of unsuccessful openers will probably do that to ya.)

We'll conclude with a personal horoscope predictor for Joe Mauer, the most famous Minnesota Twins Aries ram: We envision a year ahead filled with lots of games, no injuries, and much success.  Go, Minnesota Twins!

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