Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Joe Mauer's Online Presence

According to some recent surveys, 75% of Americans use their free time to go online in some fashion.  That seemed a little steep for me until I really thought about.  Between the Minnesota Twins official site, Facebook, and Youtube, I think my daily tally of (time-wasting) online hours comes in somewhere between 2 and 3.  Yikes.  But, hey, as a Joe Mauer and Minnesota Twins baseball fan, lots of that free time is poured into learning more about all things Minnesota baseball.  Here's a handy guide for you to get your online fix of Joe Mauer and the Minnesota Twins

Let's start with Joe Mauer on Pinterest.  Yes!  Pinterest!  Who knew?  But we have lots of Joe Mauer fans online and they've been busy pinning away.  I love it.  Here's a screen shot of a quick Pinterest search for Joe Mauer.

Joe Mauer is quite the photogenic athlete, don't you think?
Venture over to Youtube and you'll find tons of Joe Mauer clips.  I've already covered his commercials and acting skills, but there are a few other fun Youtube clips about Joe Mauer, including this fan tribute or Joe Mauer answering fan mail along with his mother, Theresa.

We've already covered Joe Mauer's Twitter on this blog, so I'll move on to an obvious couple picks: the official Minnesota Twins baseball site and a nice site dedicated to Joe Mauer.

I could spend hours perusing all of these online places about all things Joe Mauer and Minnesota Twins baseball.  What did we even do before the Internet?

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