Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Joe Mauer's Endorsements

We've taken a look at Joe Mauer's prolific acting career (oftentimes with the leading lady as his mom Theresa Mauer!), but let's examine a few of the products Joe Mauer has endorsed in the past.

Of course, we must start with good old Kemps dairy products.

I'm a huge milk, ice cream, cheese consumer and I love Kemps products so this is the best of both baseball and food worlds for me!  Joe Mauer and Kemps have been partnering since 2010 though it really feels longer.  I guess that's testament to how prominent the Kemps and Joe Mauer ads have been in the past couple years.  This endorsement makes sense to me as both Joe Mauer and Kemps have strong ties to St. Paul, Minnesota.  And when I pick up a box of ice cream sandwiches, I have the added pleasure of seeing my favorite Minnesota Twin on the box!  Bonus.

Other past endorsements included predictably sports oriented products (Nike and Gatorade) but the Head and Shoulders endorsement really threw me for a loop.  Joe Mauer does seem like a no-nonsense guy so he probably isn't dabbling in higher-end hair care products.  However, out of all the things he could promote, it's surprising Head and Shoulders made the final cut.  Oh well.  The commercials are entertaining.

Impersonating Troy Polamalu

Joe Mauer has earned a reported THIRTEEN MILLION from endorsement so I guess the guy knows what he's doing.  This led Bloomberg Businessweek to rank him as 19 out of 100 sports endorsing spokespeople.  Crazy. 

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