Monday, May 21, 2012

Mauers Baseball School

If you have a little ball player in your life, think about sending your kids to the Mauers' Baseball School.  Joe Mauer sightings have been reported at this fun training spot and according to their website (click here) the instructors include Joe Mauer's family members Billy Mauer, Jake Mauer III (brother), Jake Mauer II (dad), and Stephanie Mauer.

Billy and Stephanie take over pitching duties while the Jakes tackle shortstop training.

I can't find an online training schedule, but the phone number and contact information is clearly visible so it should be a cinch to call and sign up.  I'm seriously debating calling on behalf of my 11 year old nephew.  I mean, if I signed him up for a clinic, I'd have to drop him off, stay to watch training (aka stalk the field for any sign of Joe Mauer or other Minnesota Twins baseball players), and bring him back home, right?!

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