Monday, May 7, 2012

Target Field grub...what would be Joe Mauer's favorite dish?

Oh my gosh.  It must be close to dinnertime because when I glance through the list of Target Field foods, my mouth starts watering and I would give my arm to dig into a tasty treat.  Gone are the days of boring hot dogs or peanuts at Minnesota Twins games.  The Target Field menu is as diverse as any restaurant in town!  Let's sample (and salivate over) a few items available this season.

*  Bacon sloppy joe served over rolls with cheese and onion
*  Powdered sugar, cinnamon, or cinnamon and sugar donuts served piping hot and fresh!
*  Buffalo chicken macaroni and cheese served with blue cheese breadcrumbs.  DELICIOUS!
*  A cheese stuffed monster meatball.  Yes, please.
*  Skin-on garlic fries

Up close and personal with a sloppy Joe.
Those are just a few of the many new taste sensations at the Minnesota Twins' Target Field.  Better yet, almost all of the new fare comes from local Minnesota restaurants, bakers, or producers, which adds our unique Midwestern touch to any food.  Clearly, the bacon sloppy JOE would be the pick for any true Joe Mauer fan, right?!

I'll plan on ordering it at my next Target Field extravaganza!

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