Sunday, June 10, 2012

Joe Mauer's Cabin

The last post here was about Joe Mauer's house and now we turn attention to Joe Mauer's cabin.  Like any good Minnesotan, Joe Mauer's cabin is here in the Land of 10,000 Lakes and according to his friends, it is not a little lakeside shanty, but an enviable manor.

Joe Mauer's cabin features a bunch of awesome amenities including a batting cage, movie theater, and bowling alley.  What a place!  Joe Mauer also loves recording raps, so the cabin comes with a recording studio, too.  Of course, Joe Mauer has plenty of surrounding land for hunting (and privacy, I'm sure), but if the weather is crappy, sounds like he'll be comfortable indoors!

Joe Mauer even imported mountains to flank his cab-mansion!
In a 2009 interview, Joe Mauer's dad Jake said the cabin is a place for Joe Mauer to be just that...himself.  It sounds like an awesome escape from the reporters and grueling Minnesota Twins baseball schedule.  If there's one place to sink money, it's definitely a lake spot and this one sounds like it can't be beat!

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