Thursday, June 21, 2012

Joe Mauer's Potential Career Choices Post-Minnesota Twins

After learning about Joe Mauer over the years, I've come to realize he has the potential to step into many careers after his time with the Minnesota Twins comes to an end (sob).  After reading through many articles and online sites, I've realized Joe Mauer gravitates toward the arts.  Seriously!  Stay with me here.

Let's start with potential career number one: acting.  We've seen it time and again in the variety of commercials Joe Mauer has starred in.  He delivers his lines naturally and accurately, plus his good looks are made for the big screen.  Who knows?  He could be the next star of a blockbuster someday soon...perhaps a role similar to that of Jacob in Twilight?

A second career option post-Minnesota Twins baseball would be as a rapper.  According to a revealing Star Tribune article a couple years ago, Joe Mauer often raps even in front of fellow Minnesota Twins baseball players.  He also has a recording studio at his cabin in Minnesota!

Last but not least, perhaps Joe Mauer could be a singer.  Remember his lines in the Explore Minnesota commercial?  Listen again at 00:39.

Ok, yeah, maybe Joe Mauer should stick to catching for the Minnesota Twins for awhile.  Pretty sure he's found his calling.

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