Thursday, June 28, 2012

Joe Mauer's Day Off

Well, folks, today is June 28th.  To us, no big deal.  To Minnesota Twins baseball players like Joe Mauer, this is their one day off of work all week.  In fact, it's just their fourth and final day off in all of June.


When it's put in that perspective, it's hard to relate.  Few other sports or careers for that matter require such a time commitment.  Baseball games may be slow, but the travel and training required (up to 10-12 hours a day for Joe Mauer between warming up, training, weights, cool-down, care) is grueling.  The whole summer could pass without Joe Mauer being able to take a week and go to his cabin or just enjoy the view OUTSIDE of a ball park!

I know, I know.  Joe Mauer and fellow Minnesota Twins baseball players are paid very well for their work and it's an amazing chance to play in the big leagues.  But sometimes the other side is tough, too--lasting injuries, strained relationships from so much road time, not much time to just enjoy the summers at home with the people you love.

So, does the MLB schedule too many baseball games?  My sister would say yes.  She's not the biggest baseball fan in the first place, but has a point when she says that every game becomes less significant the more they are.  That's why football, for example, is much more interesting to her.  Each game is extremely important and high stakes in a relatively shorter season.

Exhausted baseball for help!

I'm interested in your thoughts, Mauer on a Mission readers!  Is the MLB season too long?  Joe Mauer and I want to know. :)

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