Wednesday, June 6, 2012

Joe Mauer's Hairstyle

The Minnesota Twins usually have their hair hidden under hats or batting helmets and some even look a little funny without a ball cap in place.  Joe Mauer, though, looks great hat on or off, don't you agree?  Though Joe Mauer's sideburns get the lion's share of publicity, his Head and Shoulders styled 'do deserves attention, too.

Back in high school, Joe Mauer's hair length was a bit longer and a bit more blunt.  Gotta love the crooked bangs, too.

Joe Mauer's hair in the earlier years.

Joe Mauer has kept a similar no-fuss look over the course of his Minnesota Twins career.  However, today's haircut is definitely more fitting and grown-up.
Joe Mauer's sleek hair and long sideburns.
Not sure about you, but I do like Joe Mauer's spiky front look from his commercial spot.  Adds a little flair, though not super practical for under a catcher's helmet.
Joe Mauer's weekend look.

 The top men's haircuts of 2012 are definitely more androgynous and flowing, according to GQ Australia.  What would Joe Mauer look like with this sort of style?

Yeah, not a fan of that either.  I think Joe Mauer has it figured out--short, plain, and practical.  Suits him just fine!

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