Sunday, June 3, 2012

The power of seven: Joe Mauer's lucky number

Years before I even knew Joe Mauer existed (yes, there was such a time), I landed independently and confidently on my favorite number: seven.  And then Joe Mauer popped up as a Minnesota Twin and the clouds parted, angels sang, and both my favorite number and new favorite Minnesota Twin were bound together in one amazing bundle of awesomeness.

Why is the number seven so popular?  Where do we find references to the number seven in our culture?  Let's take a peek at some of the things that make number seven so cool.

First, it's Joe Mauer's number.  Clearly rad.

Next, it's the number of days in the week.  And could this week all in red for Minnesota Twins home games look any sweeter?

Third, it's the title of a movie: Se7en.  I've never even watched it yet I'm biased in its favor simply because of how cool it looks to put "7" in place of a "v".  Original.  And seven-licious.

And lastly, we've got Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs.  Classic Disney and good memories from childhood.  Wonder if Joe Mauer ever watched this movie when he was growing up?

So there you have it...four reasons why seven is awesome.  Help bring the total to seven!  What are a few more reasons why seven is so cool???

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